Incredible Bollywood Singers

Incredible Bollywood Singers: हिंदी फिल्म जगतके अपरिचित गायक

incredible Bollywood Singers:
Some actors, actress, lyricists were also fond of singing, and had talent of singing. Unfortunately they could not come up as regular singers. Today we will listen to these unknown voices.

Shankar Jaikishan With Kishor and Asha – A Magical Quartet

Shankar-Jaikishan-Kishor Kumar -Asha Bhosale

If one was asked to figure out duet songs of Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosale, what comes to mind immediately is number of songs composed by Sachindev Burman of the old generation and his son Rahuldev Burman of the new generation, in fact, many of them are still memorized by the people….

पुढील भाग वाचण्यास चूकवू नका, सदस्यत्व घ्या!निशुल्क सदस्यत्व नोंदणी करा

पुढील भाग वाचण्यास चूकवू नका. आजच सदस्य नोंदणी करा. फक्त खालील जागेत आपला ई-मेल आयडी टाका. निशुल्क नोंदणी करा.

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